100 day project

The 100 day project started about 15 days and so far so good! Follow me here and view some samples below! Im doing 100 days of HAPPY! :)

Childrens Books - now available for pre-order

For the past many months I have been working on illustrating a series of Bible Story books for children. The writing is amazing! It is written in rhyme but in a really smart, unique way... a bit similar to "The House that Jack Built". And now 2 of the 4 books "The Beautiful Garden of Eden" and "A Patch on the peak of Ararat" are available for pre-order on Amazon. (HERE and HERE). So exciting!!!

 It was great to work with Tyndale. I can't wait to get my copies and see the book in full. And show more images from it.

birds + a poem

i guess i have a thing for birds... and poems by ee cummings. (i first learned of him in graduate school when i was studying book arts + printmaking at the university of the arts, in philadelphia.)

the thing I love about creating art is you never know where its going to take you...

custom illustration

Inspired by buildings & houses - my latest topic for my daily art project (where I create are around a specific a topic, 16 days in a row in 2016) #16in16art - I have decided to offer a new service on my website... I have called it: I will draw something just for you. It can be your house, a special object, or even your grandma's recipe for chocolate cake!


Below are some of the recent house "portraits" which inspired me to offer this service. (I also recently did a recipe commission, which came out really fun + I included that as well.) I like adding little subtle details that make the pieces unique. 

In the first photo below, you will find a portrait of my childhood home in Oceanside, New York. My brother reminded me that most of the year we had an electric menorah in our window. (Even though Hanukkah only lasts 8 days.) We also had a lovely alarm sign in the lawn... though I'm fairly certain we did not have an alarm for most of my childhood.

I will add the family name and anything else you would like to have on your houee/item portrait. You can choose from the various styles and looks shown below. 

Find out more details about this new service by visiting my online shop here

july updates!

happy summer! I have been so busy working on illustrating a fabulously written series of 4 (bible) story books and doing my daily #16in16art project on instagram, that I've let my blog/news update go a bit quiet. 

I wanted to mention a new project. I live near an awesome town named Ardmore, PA. It was just mentioned in an article this week. My dear friend Carrie who has the most amazing gift shop (pucciManuli) is giving the street where her shop is located some well deserved love. It's an adorable street. And now this adorable street has a brand new fancy logo (inspired by local street signage) and website and lots of fun events to come!

Cricket Pops is a brand new event. The first one is - THIS SATURDAY - July 16 from 9AM-2PM! There will be ice cream, kids crafts, live music. 20+ vendors and more. (Get add. info here.) I will be participating in the July as well as the September Cricket Pops market.

Hope to see you - if you're in the neighborhood!!

west elm pop-up!

Hooray! My West Elm Pop-up (in Philadelphia) was such a great day! I had my talented friend Aliza of Aliza Schlabach Photography (see her website here) stop by to take some photos and they came out amazing! I'm excited to share them here below. 

Thank you to all my friends and gamily who came by to say hello, and to shop! I feel like I had another thesis show - or wedding - but I believe it was totally worth it. The store employees were super helpful and to have my products in a store that I am enamored with was pretty much a dream come true. 

Some of my best sellers were my studio-m flower planters, my pouches from DENY, my new spiral notebooks, my little reclaimed wood blocks, and I even sold one of my large whale canvases. I did bring quite a bit of merchandise (some of which I will soon put into an online shop) but my husband always says "go big or go home..." so thats what I did. And, I think it paid off! :)

wall decor mock up / cool news

In preparation for my West Elm pop-up shop (in Philadelphia) this coming Sunday, it was so much fun to create this little mocked up room with my art. 

And this is cool news. The whale piece shown below is now available here at Wheatpaste Art Collective. (There are 3 other whale pieces in the series, if you want to see those as well.) This piece was inspired by my honeymoon (almost 10 years ago!) to Bora Bora. The blueness of the water was absolutely magical!

birds - sneak peek!

Here is one of my large bird prints that will be available at my West Elm pop-up shop on april 17th! (It's also available in a blue color way.) Getting prepared and very excited!

West Elm Pop Up

Huge and super exciting news! I'm having a Pop-Up Shop at West Elm Philadelphia next month. Come shop and say hello! I'll be selling a bunch of items with my artwork on it. 

(If you want to see a sampling of a past pop-up shop, see this post here from December, where I participated in a local holiday 2 day event.)

16 in 16

Did I mention my friend Terri Kasuba and I are doing a daily art project? We're drawing/painting a  new topic every 16 days. Follow us on instagram. So far we've done, kids, lettering and winter/holiday.