K1 P2


so... i am taking a knitting class here

at the (local) fairmount art center

... which is actually through this neat little store in philly,

rosies yarn cellar

and i am finding it hard to do anything else but knit. SO, tonight i took the night off from knitting to do some work, but somehow I ended up scanning in my first (ever) knitted project... and playing with it in illustrator. (i am now on my second knitted project which is a hat... so stay tuned.) has anyone else out there "live traced" their knitting??? also, i highly recommend making your own custom brushes in illustrator. its fun and so much more personal. i made some calligraphic ones tonight.

some other tid bits:

:: I have to have a link to this. it's too fun not to share.

Oh the joys of bookbinding!

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and have seen these posts already, but some people (i think) come here first.

::  I feel like i should mention what i've been up to since its been a little while since i've updated my site. I did graduate with my MFA in May and since then have been mostly doing freelance graphic design as well as teaching a class in Illustrator. Most of my projects i have done while freelancing at

Hyper design.

Some recent projects there have included: icons and patterns for the updated pokemon style guide, the design of a style guide for Mighty Mouse as well as one in progress for Raggedy Ann. I also completed an illustration for the Destination Maternity holiday posters (which i just found online


I also designed the 2007 Congregation Rodeph Sholom calendar (the one in NYC, not the one in Philly) and am currently working on various print and web projects for Cigna.