ready, set, grow! (should be my motto!)

Just finished this spring-like piece yesterday for an upcoming kids how-to/art publication which I will have a little mention/blurb in. The author of the book is the fabulously talented Stephanie Corfee. (Visit her site here. This will be her 5th book. Check out her amazing watercolor art, and I love what she sells at DENY designs.)

I was honored and flattered to be asked to participate in the project. Stephanie and I met though an online art course and it turns out we actually live fairly close to one another - which is not typical in these types of international e-courses. (The collaboration and the idea of interacting with artists from all over the globe are 2 reasons why I am becoming addicted to these online courses.)

I'm very excited to share this piece, as its the first (in a while) that I've done that is 95% traditional media. It is acrylic and gouache paint and collage on board. Only a final few minor touches were completed digitally.

I was nervous this piece would turn out differently from my existing work, but it seems to blend in nicely. (At least I think so!) I've actually begun to turn this piece into a collection. Stay tuned on that one...