I've been working with floral designs this month, as I will have some items for sale at the upcoming 2015 Philadelphia Flower Show (at the pucciManuli booth). 

For this months Art Bootcamp, we were encouraged to paint on wood and play with creating art in a scene as well as in a circular shape. I did find some time to play around with painting on some small wood shapes. (You can see an in progress photo in my instagram feed. I've actually done a bit more on them since this photo). In the past I really enjoyed painting on tiny 1-3" shapes. (I even had a series in my application to graduate school many years ago!) So I hope to do some more of these when I have some time*. 

I really enjoyed using my Acryla Gouache on the wood. I liked how it seeped in and while it looked flat it was also quite rich. I then started to use some regular acrylic paint (since the acryla gouache is a bit pricey) but was not at all happy with those results as I didn't like the plastic sheen on top of the wood. 

In the end for my submission, I went back to some text & floral imagery I had also been working with over the past 2 weeks. I played around with the idea of putting some of my text + textural (ooh - mental note - i like that phrase) pieces in these circle motifs. And then I took it further and imagined them being produced onto wooden cutting boards. I would totally buy these if I saw them at West Elm or Crate and Barrel! :) Would you??

*I'm actually in the middle of a huge illustration assignment at the moment and can not wait to share that once it's completed.