Paint Lab for kids!

How did I forget to post this??? My painting/collage  was recently featured in a fabulous new art book, written and designed by the lovely and ÜBER talented Stephanie Corfee. The book is called Paint Lab for Kids  and it's now available at Amazon, B&N and local book shops (which are SO important to support!)

It has 52 fab art projects and also shows "Inspiring Artist" examples from many artists I know and admire such as Tracy English, Jennifer Orkin Lewis & Anne Bollman. I had so much fun creating this piece for the book - from start to finish - without ANY use of the computer! :)

You can preview some of the pages here. And below is a close up of my piece. 

Collage + Painting by Barb Chotiner

I also offer a limited edition mounted print of this image. You can see that here in my shop

I had fun creating some of the art projects with my 5 & 7 year olds a few weeks ago when we first got our copy off the book... I don't typically put photos of them up here,  but they are concentrating so intensely on their paintings so I thought I'd share.