A few years back, when I was working on my MFA, I created these books called sketchbooklets. They were excepts of 30 sketchbooks that I had kept over the past ten years. I recently found a stack of interiors and had a sudden urge to bind them all in one book. It was also a good excuse to make a book... inbetween my 9 month olds naptime and waiting for client feedback on various work projects. It feels very rewarding to hold excerpts of ten years in one chuncky book. Mostly the drawings and other random things are from my New York & Boston years. It all feels like a lifetime ago. I wonder how many lifetimes does one have in a life time?

The cover is groovy flocked wallpaper which was the wallpaper in my house on long island, where i grew up. Its fun and very super 70s. (Soon i will do something with the metallic, reflective pink floral wallpaper from one of the bathrooms. Its a statement in itself!)


whose she?

I am posting this for this weeks illustration friday. For my mfa thesis (in may 2006),  i created an exhibition with ten multiple personalities... if you click on WHOSE SHE  you view (an interactive flash version of ) the catalog of all the "artists." I created all the artwork for each of the personalities. (I also designed the catalog and wrote all the copy.) Also, if you look carefully, all the letters of my (full) name create each of the 10 artists names.


sketchbook 35

i was long overdue for a new sketchbook, so last night i made this. i've been noticing and obsessing over clouds lately... my dad was a huge fan of them. he used to take rolls of film of them... so i guess this is a recent self-portrait in a way...the bookcloth is from papersource. i really wish there were one of these in philly. the binding is a "4 needle coptic". I've only done that once before, but i think the result is pretty nice and simple. the inside paper juts out from underneath the covers. i'm not sure if i like it, but i wanted to try it. (i usually like it on other books.)the other bottom 2 photos show the rest of my sketchbook making "ritual." i always create a notes/calendar section in the back and i always write the "d.o.b." in the front. bookmaking is so rewarding.ps stay tuned for > new studio < information. here's a peak at the new space that my friend brian and i will be sharing. it's in this philadelphia landmark building. fun fun!!!


2007 calendars


they're back again. the 2007 bzdesignstuff handmade mini pocket calendars. you can order via paypal or email me to order. colors are subject to availability... so please specify a first and second color choice. colors avaiable are: lt pink, dk pink, pale blue, cyan blue, purple, kraft brown and charcoal. happy holidays everybody!

sketchbooks 1-30


i haven't had a book picture up in a while, so here is a composite of covers of my first 30 sketchbooks... i am on 33 now.

the 2 inch books are online


the 2 inch show is finally up and online. i hope these books will inspire you as they have me. i have been given many compliments on the show. thanks to everyone (over 50 people!) who participated.

you can view

all the books/prints here

and here are a few pictures of the books on


at the university of the arts