river. sea. ocean.

Just you and me. River. Sea. Ocean.

I just finished working on this large piece of art which was composed together from numerous monoprints. Wouldn't it be lovely to purchase from West Elm or Serena and Lily or One Kings Lane or Ballard? I also personally love GreenBox. A gal can dream, right? Where is your favorite place to get wall art? I'm also thinking now I need to do 2 smaller complementary pieces using the lighter aqua teal blues...

Deep Seal Diving Whales. Artwork available for licensing. © Barb Chotiner 2014

And here is a smaller nautical print I was working on. (But part of the same series.) I thought it might be nice to see them side by side in reverse...

River, Sea, Ocean. Artwork available for licensing. © Barb Chotiner 2014

The above pieces were inspired by one of my favorite songs by the artist Badly Drawn Boy...

Us, you and me
River sea ocean
Moving on so far away and dreaming
Quality sea, makes it to the ocean
Far away far away
Let her go, go far away

- Badly Drawn Boy

happy trails to you

How AMAZING would it be to have your own artwork licensed and printed onto kids clothing... a.k.a children's apparel? I think it would be pretty darn sweet. This is one of my goals/dreams as well as a favorite market of mine. I love perusing through (& saving) the Tea and Boden and Garnet Hill catalogs when we get them in the mail. I also love DPAM which my friend who travels to Paris quite a bit has turned me on to. And, while there are no more Olily shops in the states anymore, (boo) I still have quite a few of their old catalogs saved as well. 

Our theme in my MATS class this week was "camping". I created a little world of camping animals (& miscellaneous props) on an water and land adventure. I featured feathers and fireflies. I drew a TON and printed some background textures. Due to some other work deadlines, I did not have as much time as i liked to spend on this but I am pleased at the final. Would love to hear your thoughts!

PS who wants some s'mores??? 

"camp it up" artwork for children's apparel |  by bz designstuff

"camp it up" artwork for children's apparel |  by bz designstuff