surtex baby!!

Well, I have two BIG nuggets of news to share today...

1. I will have work shown at Surtex this year. (Surtex, held in May in NYC is THE annual trade show for the surface design industry. It brings together the artists and manufacturers and retailers). This is the show where large (well known) brands come and buy their art for future seasons... It is a HUGE opportunity and I will be excited to see what comes of it.  I will also be at Surtex helping out my very talented friends at the Cloverly Art Collective at their booth and will walk the show the following day. I am so giddy for my trip to NYC in 3 weeks!  

2. I'm excited to announce that I now have representation by Astoundan art licensing agency. My artist page is NOW up on their website. Works there are available for licensing. I am also working on a few new collections and am always open to hear about new project commissions. 

BARB CHOTINER @ SURTEX 2015 - represented by ASTOUND booth 250