happy book birthday to you...

I didn't used to know what that meant, but now I do. Its the release day you're book becomes published. The Frightening Philipi Jail and The Hurry Up Exit from Egypt, the final 2 books in the Faith that God Built series are available on Amazon and other fine retailers as of today.

Gary Bower is the author and I drew the pictures. Published by Tyndale. Get them here.

Childrens Books - now available for pre-order

For the past many months I have been working on illustrating a series of Bible Story books for children. The writing is amazing! It is written in rhyme but in a really smart, unique way... a bit similar to "The House that Jack Built". And now 2 of the 4 books "The Beautiful Garden of Eden" and "A Patch on the peak of Ararat" are available for pre-order on Amazon. (HERE and HERE). So exciting!!!

 It was great to work with Tyndale. I can't wait to get my copies and see the book in full. And show more images from it.