Burst of Floral - fabric design

Trying to get some last minute designs done before SURTEX & my trip to NYC next week. (Wee! SO excited!!)

On a separate note, I've decided to put this out there... I would really LOVE to see my work printed on fabric & have a fabric collection... IN stores.

Here is a recent design I created which I think would look extremely fun on fabric. I could see a tablecloth, a tea towel - or, even a fun flowy skirt!

ready, set, grow! (should be my motto!)

Just finished this spring-like piece yesterday for an upcoming kids how-to/art publication which I will have a little mention/blurb in. The author of the book is the fabulously talented Stephanie Corfee. (Visit her site here. This will be her 5th book. Check out her amazing watercolor art, and I love what she sells at DENY designs.)

I was honored and flattered to be asked to participate in the project. Stephanie and I met though an online art course and it turns out we actually live fairly close to one another - which is not typical in these types of international e-courses. (The collaboration and the idea of interacting with artists from all over the globe are 2 reasons why I am becoming addicted to these online courses.)

I'm very excited to share this piece, as its the first (in a while) that I've done that is 95% traditional media. It is acrylic and gouache paint and collage on board. Only a final few minor touches were completed digitally.

I was nervous this piece would turn out differently from my existing work, but it seems to blend in nicely. (At least I think so!) I've actually begun to turn this piece into a collection. Stay tuned on that one... 

GTS - cultivating creativity

Well the 2014 GTS finalists have been revealed. A "top 50" were chosen from 999 entries. Unfortunately this was not the year for me - but that's cool as I still need time to grow (cultivate) my portfolio. :) (And I happen to be swamped with work at the moment - which is always a good thing!)

I'm very excited to see many familiar names and friends who are in the top 50 moving forward - including my 2 roommates from Surtex this past May. (Jan and Lucy - fabulous work by both of them!!) I can't wait to see what everyone creates for round 2.

GTS 2014 - artwork by Barbara Chotiner - bzdesignstuff.com

GTS 2014 - artwork by Barbara Chotiner - bzdesignstuff.com

My final piece was a combination of printmaking & drawing and there is even a iPhone photo of one of my yard plants in there too! I was away on vacation for the majority of the time that we had to work on this assignment, so I did not have as much time as I had wanted (+ needed) to add some additional final drawing details + make this piece even more lush and fabulous. In hindsight, I may have been a tad too literal about the wall art assignment. I did not add any characters and ended up keeping it more like an overgrown magical forrest/terrarium bursting with color and life. (I had drawn some birds & even a deer, but at the end of the day they just did not mesh in well with the rest of the canvas. It never even occurred to me to put in gnomes or woodland animals - but they are rather cute in some of the finals.) Maybe I'll have to make another (less serious) one.

My final touch was to create the vine on the upper right which is reaching up and breaking free from the garden. In the end I am happy with the work I created. And in my mind at least, It is leaps and bounds better than my last years submission.

If interested - you can puchase the print right here at my (small but growing) Society 6 shop. :)