global talent search - post entry

This week I had entered a competition called the #GlobalTalentSearch. (Apparently there are 998 other talented artists who have also entered this intense competition!) The winner will get 2 years of (art + illustration) agency representation by Lilla Rogers and many (many) cool projects. While we are encouraged to keep our actual submissions private till the top 50 are announced/unveiled (next Tuesday) we are free to blog about our process.

Full disclosure - I entered last year and did not make the top 50. (Also last year there were 1500+ entrants!) Looking back I can see so much growth over the past year - that in itself is a huge reward to me. 

The subject which we were to create art for was "mini terrariums" and the piece was to be created for the category of wall art. I was very (VERY) excited when I learned of the assignment as this is one of my favorite markets to create work for. (Wall art consists of the prints once could purchase for their walls. The piece could be created for either adults or kids and hopefully/eventually be sold by Oopsy Daisy, West Elm, Crate & Barrel, Serena and Lily, Urban Outfitters, Target as well as many others.)

I created a bunch of monoprints and drawings to begin my process and once I had submitted my final piece, I had a bunt of "leftover" elements available to play with. (I really wanted to use that bird but i just couldn't find a place for it in the final.) And, without the pressure of a majorly intense deadline... I created this piece and it has gotten such a great (positive) response in the private facebook bootcamp group that I had to share it here on my site. I think this piece (as well as my submission) really represents my style and I am proud of what I created. And even if i don't make top 50 (though i REALLY hope I do!) I am glad I made a piece that I feel confident in and represents me as an artist and designer.

Stay tuned fore more next week! :)