hello - by highlights

Hot off the press! I just received in the mail this fun double page spread that I finished for HELLO (by Highlights) magazine. On the page before, the little boy is waving his arms to his winged animal friends. Happy to be included in the April 2018 issue. 

Screen Shot 2018-03-21 at 2.33.54 PM.png

drawing... handmade... SHOES!

Who doesn't love a good pair of shoes? How about an amazing pair of HAND MADE shoes?!? I was over the moon excited to get this super fun illustration assignment from Heather at Mason Dixon. She needed illustrations for an event invitation for a party where her company will celebrate their 2nd year in business. Heather is also a Philly Artist/Maker (Fishtown) and I appreciate her wanting it keep it LOCAL by wanting to collaborate with local talent for the event. I am super excited for the celebration this summer. 


childrens museum of manhattan

For the past few months I have been working on a project for the Children's Museum of Manhattan for their Road to Reading/All the Way to K initiative.

I created a bunch of vignette illustrations for 3 activity guides/booklets (you can download them here) for parents and their little ones. It's a pretty cool program. It's all about learning things you can do with your newborn / infant / toddler / pre-schooler to get them on the path to reading. 

Childrens Books - now available for pre-order

For the past many months I have been working on illustrating a series of Bible Story books for children. The writing is amazing! It is written in rhyme but in a really smart, unique way... a bit similar to "The House that Jack Built". And now 2 of the 4 books "The Beautiful Garden of Eden" and "A Patch on the peak of Ararat" are available for pre-order on Amazon. (HERE and HERE). So exciting!!!

 It was great to work with Tyndale. I can't wait to get my copies and see the book in full. And show more images from it.

custom illustration

Inspired by buildings & houses - my latest topic for my daily art project (where I create are around a specific a topic, 16 days in a row in 2016) #16in16art - I have decided to offer a new service on my website... I have called it: I will draw something just for you. It can be your house, a special object, or even your grandma's recipe for chocolate cake!


Below are some of the recent house "portraits" which inspired me to offer this service. (I also recently did a recipe commission, which came out really fun + I included that as well.) I like adding little subtle details that make the pieces unique. 

In the first photo below, you will find a portrait of my childhood home in Oceanside, New York. My brother reminded me that most of the year we had an electric menorah in our window. (Even though Hanukkah only lasts 8 days.) We also had a lovely alarm sign in the lawn... though I'm fairly certain we did not have an alarm for most of my childhood.

I will add the family name and anything else you would like to have on your houee/item portrait. You can choose from the various styles and looks shown below. 

Find out more details about this new service by visiting my online shop here

throw back thursday - more maps!

Here are 2 local maps I had created for Main Line Parent and Philadelphia Family magazine - which never made it to my website... till now! You can view past issues of the magazine in Issuu right here

the Cricket Cringle!

Some new illustrations created for a local holiday Event called the Cricket Cringle

Meet, Mix and Mingle at the Cricket Cringle! Celebrate the season with Ardmore's Cricket Business Community with a unique holiday shopping experience. Visit over 50 participating businesses, restaurants and individual vendors to knock off some of that holiday shopping. You'll enjoy holiday carolers, roasting chestnuts and plenty of holiday cheer.

penguin posse!

Well, I am back for yet another round of MATS. Here is my PENGUIN POSSE themed holiday card (though - non holiday specific).

penguin trio - art by Barb Chotiner

Since time was limited last week, I did some pencil sketching and then decided to draw and paint directly in Photoshop. (I only had a day to complete since I was flying south (literally) for a long wedding weekend.) While I did miss getting my paints out and getting messy... It was surprisingly fun to work this way.

This week's theme is cowboys/cowgirls. Debating if i should work this way again... 

coffee. then and now.

As part of the final installment of the Lilla Rogers "Make Art that Sells" Bootcamp, we were to be inspired by our favorite drink. (See all the drinks in their glory here.)

Well, since 1996 mine has been c-o-f-f-e-e. I was working at Wunderman as a jr. art director at my first job out of school, and my first (or second?) client was the coffee company Gevalia. Also known as "The Official Coffee Purveyor of the Royal Court of Sweden." Honestly, ever since then, I have been hooked. Thinking of my good old basic deli NYC cups of coffee always gives me fond memories. Hence, initially I had thought I wanted to do something based upon the famous Anthora cup. Additionally, (as you can see later on in some sketches in this post), in graduate school I did a artist book professing my love for the hot beverage. However,  this time I wanted to do something totally different.

I wanted to show passion and the ZING/POW/POP that my 3:00 coffee gives me every (or most) afternoons. :)

Below are my 2 final pieces. I had so much fun creating these that I definitely want to create more in the series.

These were created by doing a bunch of gouache sketches and then composing them digitally. I have been working this way for a while. Well, kind of. This was the first time with paint. (I have been creating monoprints and textures with paint and ink and then creating complex compositions digitally.) I started doing that for this assignment, but was disappointed in the result. It felt rich and dark like coffee, but not zingy and energetic like I had initially envisioned. 

So, I took out my Acryla-Gouache paints (as i LOVE the colors!!) and started doing small paint studies. It had never been my intention to work as I had with my monoprints - but boy did I have fun once the process began. I had one of those zone moments where everything clicked. I am looking forward to having some time to develop this method further.

and now... a BLAST from the past... Coffee circa 2006

In 2006 I received my MFA from The University of the Arts in Book Arts and Printmaking. At some point there... I created a bunch of sketches around my obsession with coffee.

I created a final book but I actually think the sketches are actually pretty darn funny.

I also created a limited edition 5"x7" silkscreen - that i now have hanging leaning next to my iMac. (Sorry for the not so great photo...)

Wow - Thanks for making it though this post. I welcome any comments or feedback on the above.

breathe in - breathe out - rinse - repeat

Editorial illustration time! This illustration was created for this article about meditation for people who don't like to meditate. I for one do, (thanks to a bunch of awesome mamas at my daughters preschool) but I admit it is very hard to find the time. But once I find it, I find am happy and grateful for finding the time and sitting calmly for 15-20 minutes. 

This piece was originally started in gouache and scanned in. I have been playing around with gouache and recently started a project where i complete a (25 minute) gouache painting a day in a (non precious) sketchbook. It was inspired by my amazingly talented friend Jennifer Orkin Lewis. She has been doing this since January and the results are amazing. I am posting my progress on instagram - which you can follow here. I am starting with the mini goal of 30 days and once that occurs I plan to extend it longer.

Namaste and happy monday!

Meditation - the hardest part is getting started...