Paint Lab for kids!

How did I forget to post this??? My painting/collage  was recently featured in a fabulous new art book, written and designed by the lovely and ÜBER talented Stephanie Corfee. The book is called Paint Lab for Kids  and it's now available at Amazon, B&N and local book shops (which are SO important to support!)

It has 52 fab art projects and also shows "Inspiring Artist" examples from many artists I know and admire such as Tracy English, Jennifer Orkin Lewis & Anne Bollman. I had so much fun creating this piece for the book - from start to finish - without ANY use of the computer! :)

You can preview some of the pages here. And below is a close up of my piece. 

Collage + Painting by Barb Chotiner

I also offer a limited edition mounted print of this image. You can see that here in my shop

I had fun creating some of the art projects with my 5 & 7 year olds a few weeks ago when we first got our copy off the book... I don't typically put photos of them up here,  but they are concentrating so intensely on their paintings so I thought I'd share. 

pumpkins galore!

Working on something for next week. Sometimes getting off the computer is VERY therapeutic. Especially after an intense week of working on the computer till 2am - multiple nights!

ready, set, grow! (should be my motto!)

Just finished this spring-like piece yesterday for an upcoming kids how-to/art publication which I will have a little mention/blurb in. The author of the book is the fabulously talented Stephanie Corfee. (Visit her site here. This will be her 5th book. Check out her amazing watercolor art, and I love what she sells at DENY designs.)

I was honored and flattered to be asked to participate in the project. Stephanie and I met though an online art course and it turns out we actually live fairly close to one another - which is not typical in these types of international e-courses. (The collaboration and the idea of interacting with artists from all over the globe are 2 reasons why I am becoming addicted to these online courses.)

I'm very excited to share this piece, as its the first (in a while) that I've done that is 95% traditional media. It is acrylic and gouache paint and collage on board. Only a final few minor touches were completed digitally.

I was nervous this piece would turn out differently from my existing work, but it seems to blend in nicely. (At least I think so!) I've actually begun to turn this piece into a collection. Stay tuned on that one...