geo garden pop

On Saturday, I took the day to play (with Jessica Swifts Pattern Camp) and came up with 2 new fun pattern designs. (and I've got another 3 in progress.) I've had a few folks on fb + instagram already asking me where these will be available for purchase. 

I'm calling this series GEO GARDEN POP. Here is Design #1...

And here is design #2...

And for the first time in a long while, I created an inspirational mood board before I begun. I am always amazed at how helpful it is to have this when I begin my process.

Here is a sneak peek of my mood board and the sketches I created.

more MATS craziness!

So - i enrolled AGAIN for another round of Lilla Rogers Make art that Sells. I couldn't pass up another chance to create some fabulous pieces of art.

Here is what I created for week one - Bolt Fabric. Topic was Tropical Fruit and Pyrex/Vintage casserole dishes.

Artwork by Barb Chotiner - Available for licensing - Making Art that Sells - Week 1 - #MATS

After I completed the above... I went ahead and created these fun little tea towel mock ups. 

Artwork by Barb Chotiner - Available for licensing - Making Art that Sells - Week 1 - #MATS

Artwork by Barb Chotiner - Available for licensing - Making Art that Sells - Week 1 - #MATS

My DREAM would be to have these licensed and created placed in a store - OR - to be printed on a fabric where crafty gals (& guys) could sew their own fabulous things. Even my husband (not typically a pattern man) loved them. 

uppercase magazine!!!

How AWESOME is this? I was so humbled and excited to find out that I was selected to be included in the new Uppercase Magazine Surface Pattern Design Guide! Then I see that 2 of my patterns even made it into the video. (Also - that is my friend Jan (from Making Art that Sells) image on the front cover.) Do watch the whole thing. It's very interesting – but I am at 2:23!

If you follow this section of my website, you will see that I have slowly been expanding my graphic design to include more illustration and surface pattern design. I can not tell you how great it feels to have some validation that you are making a good decision and going in the right direction.

They will be giving out 1500 copies of this special issue out at Surtex in May. While I am not exhibiting this year, it feels wonderful that my work will have a minor presence amongst all the greatness that promises to be there. I do plan to walk the show and am looking forward to lots of inspiration and beautiful artworks and meeting up with folks I have only known through Facebook over the past year. 

Lastly - i do have a coupon code for $15 off a new Uppercase magazine subscription: "USPDG2014" I LOVE my subscription and reference it often.  /  #patternsplease

patterns galore!

Hi - So maybe you know... but I am looking to venture into the world of surface pattern design and art licensing. I recently completed a wonderful class from Pattern Observer (by Michelle Fifis) called The Sellable Sketch 2. In this class I completed 3 collections for 3 markets - The Apparel Market, Quilt Market and Home Decor Market. As I grow as a pattern designer I am trying to incorporate my love of design with drawing and printmaking. I had so much fun creating these. I am looking forward to visiting Surtex in May and seeing many of my former fabulous MATS classmates (& new friends) show their beautiful art works... And here's hoping that in 2015 I can be there in some fashion as well.