childrens museum of manhattan

For the past few months I have been working on a project for the Children's Museum of Manhattan for their Road to Reading/All the Way to K initiative.

I created a bunch of vignette illustrations for 3 activity guides/booklets (you can download them here) for parents and their little ones. It's a pretty cool program. It's all about learning things you can do with your newborn / infant / toddler / pre-schooler to get them on the path to reading. 

a bavarian bonanza! (um what?)

Here is my last project for my Making Art that Sells course. The theme (of all things) for this final week, was to be inspired by Folk Art. But... specifically Bavarian and/or Ukranian Folk Art. How random and wonderful and it was something I would have NEVER thought of to draw inspiration from.

The market for the final week was paper/party goods. Ooh - how fun (read: amazing) would it be to have products in Target with my artwork on it? Hopefully one day! That is certainly a goal.)

We have learned SO many things in the 5 + 5 weeks of Lilla's class: Use icons. Use great color. Make sure it looks good small. Be yourself. Quirky is good. Be positive. And most important - PEOPLE BUY YOUR JOY!

Well, I tried to do all of this in week 5. I researched. I drew. I drew some more and then I embraced my inner quirk. I actually went "super quirk" on my little funny birds. I gave them them tights and high heels and knee high socks and hats and braids and surrounded them with yummy bavarian pretzels. I was certainly having fun dressing them up.

Barbara Chotiner | bzdesignstuff | created for Making Art that Sells

Barbara Chotiner | bzdesignstuff | created for Making Art that Sells

This class was amazing. I can't recommend it highly enough. The friends I have made from both sessions are invaluable as well as the knowledge and insight I have gained from Lilla and from Beth. I hope they run another MATS class. Word is they are planning on it. And once it is announced, I will be there toot sweet!

In the meantime, I am catching up on design work, creating more holiday cards for my etsy shop, and starting to gear up on a surface pattern design collection.

Happy Turkey Week everyone!