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so... i am taking a knitting class here

at the (local) fairmount art center

... which is actually through this neat little store in philly,

rosies yarn cellar

and i am finding it hard to do anything else but knit. SO, tonight i took the night off from knitting to do some work, but somehow I ended up scanning in my first (ever) knitted project... and playing with it in illustrator. (i am now on my second knitted project which is a hat... so stay tuned.) has anyone else out there "live traced" their knitting??? also, i highly recommend making your own custom brushes in illustrator. its fun and so much more personal. i made some calligraphic ones tonight.

some other tid bits:

:: I have to have a link to this. it's too fun not to share.

Oh the joys of bookbinding!

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and have seen these posts already, but some people (i think) come here first.

::  I feel like i should mention what i've been up to since its been a little while since i've updated my site. I did graduate with my MFA in May and since then have been mostly doing freelance graphic design as well as teaching a class in Illustrator. Most of my projects i have done while freelancing at

Hyper design.

Some recent projects there have included: icons and patterns for the updated pokemon style guide, the design of a style guide for Mighty Mouse as well as one in progress for Raggedy Ann. I also completed an illustration for the Destination Maternity holiday posters (which i just found online


I also designed the 2007 Congregation Rodeph Sholom calendar (the one in NYC, not the one in Philly) and am currently working on various print and web projects for Cigna.



yes. i'm still here... i've been busy freelancing, teaching and looking for studio space in philly. all quite time consuming. here's an illo i just did for my own homework assignment (from the illustrator class i am teaching). each student got a month to design... and was to be inspired by its birthstone. november is kind of interesting, as it has two. citrine and topaz - depending on if you are modern or traditional... after much internal debate, i decided to go mod. and cute. (see the whole thing here)


while procrastinating, i did some illustration friday sketches. this weeks topic is QUIET. i used watercolor to create the original drawings and then scanned, reordered and soup'd them up in pshop. i'm not sure how i feel about these... but i am posting as to relieve some "not posting in a while" guilt. it was fun to break out the winsor & newtons and my japanese waterbrush.


"moink" is a happy cow pig. for this weeks illo friday, i'm using an image i originally created about a year or so ago for a "barnyard bigtime" printmaking exchange.the image was designed in illustrator and then letterpressed using a vandercook. i have sold some moink buttons on prickie. i do hope/plan to have a brand new barn image by weeks end as well.



wow - 5 minutes past midnight... that's cutting it close! here is my illustration for "SAFE" - this (past) weeks illustration friday. i have new york on my mind this week. 5 years... hard to believe. i miss you nyc.

put the ".as" in aspen

(crops from the poster - click above to see full image)i'm back. here's a poster i created at anderson workshop. various (dynamic) flash components were used to create and distribute the top background patterns. i created a ton during this fun/intense week long workshop at anderson ranch.(the type is backwards as when youre inside the ranch the type is cut out from the entrance sign and you can see the mountains through it. also, those birds are magpies. they're fun looking. kind of like flying penguins.)