july updates!

happy summer! I have been so busy working on illustrating a fabulously written series of 4 (bible) story books and doing my daily #16in16art project on instagram, that I've let my blog/news update go a bit quiet. 

I wanted to mention a new project. I live near an awesome town named Ardmore, PA. It was just mentioned in an article this week. My dear friend Carrie who has the most amazing gift shop (pucciManuli) is giving the street where her shop is located some well deserved love. It's an adorable street. And now this adorable street has a brand new fancy logo (inspired by local street signage) and website and lots of fun events to come!

Cricket Pops is a brand new event. The first one is - THIS SATURDAY - July 16 from 9AM-2PM! There will be ice cream, kids crafts, live music. 20+ vendors and more. (Get add. info here.) I will be participating in the July as well as the September Cricket Pops market.

Hope to see you - if you're in the neighborhood!!

west elm pop-up!

Hooray! My West Elm Pop-up (in Philadelphia) was such a great day! I had my talented friend Aliza of Aliza Schlabach Photography (see her website here) stop by to take some photos and they came out amazing! I'm excited to share them here below. 

Thank you to all my friends and gamily who came by to say hello, and to shop! I feel like I had another thesis show - or wedding - but I believe it was totally worth it. The store employees were super helpful and to have my products in a store that I am enamored with was pretty much a dream come true. 

Some of my best sellers were my studio-m flower planters, my pouches from DENY, my new spiral notebooks, my little reclaimed wood blocks, and I even sold one of my large whale canvases. I did bring quite a bit of merchandise (some of which I will soon put into an online shop) but my husband always says "go big or go home..." so thats what I did. And, I think it paid off! :)

wall decor mock up / cool news

In preparation for my West Elm pop-up shop (in Philadelphia) this coming Sunday, it was so much fun to create this little mocked up room with my art. 

And this is cool news. The whale piece shown below is now available here at Wheatpaste Art Collective. (There are 3 other whale pieces in the series, if you want to see those as well.) This piece was inspired by my honeymoon (almost 10 years ago!) to Bora Bora. The blueness of the water was absolutely magical!

birds - sneak peek!

Here is one of my large bird prints that will be available at my West Elm pop-up shop on april 17th! (It's also available in a blue color way.) Getting prepared and very excited!

West Elm Pop Up

Huge and super exciting news! I'm having a Pop-Up Shop at West Elm Philadelphia next month. Come shop and say hello! I'll be selling a bunch of items with my artwork on it. 

(If you want to see a sampling of a past pop-up shop, see this post here from December, where I participated in a local holiday 2 day event.)

16 in 16

Did I mention my friend Terri Kasuba and I are doing a daily art project? We're drawing/painting a  new topic every 16 days. Follow us on instagram. So far we've done, kids, lettering and winter/holiday.

Paint Lab for kids!

How did I forget to post this??? My painting/collage  was recently featured in a fabulous new art book, written and designed by the lovely and ÜBER talented Stephanie Corfee. The book is called Paint Lab for Kids  and it's now available at Amazon, B&N and local book shops (which are SO important to support!)

It has 52 fab art projects and also shows "Inspiring Artist" examples from many artists I know and admire such as Tracy English, Jennifer Orkin Lewis & Anne Bollman. I had so much fun creating this piece for the book - from start to finish - without ANY use of the computer! :)

You can preview some of the pages here. And below is a close up of my piece. 

Collage + Painting by Barb Chotiner

I also offer a limited edition mounted print of this image. You can see that here in my shop

I had fun creating some of the art projects with my 5 & 7 year olds a few weeks ago when we first got our copy off the book... I don't typically put photos of them up here,  but they are concentrating so intensely on their paintings so I thought I'd share. 

art planters // spring sneak peek

I'm very (VERY) excited to finally be able to show these planter designs I created for studio-m, which will be available in shops this spring. You can find them on their website here & also you can find a retailer near you right here

((( March 2016 - UPDATE - I'll be selling a handful of the planters and mats locally. You can purchase them in my shop here. )))

Also - if you want to see the art in full (360 degrees) - here it is below. 

all you need is love

If you are still looking for a holiday card - this one - happens to be my design. Tiny Prints is currently having a 30% off sale AND you can still  get by Christmas. Available in many photo/size/color options! 

holiday houses

My Kindred Art Collective just made some lovely downloadable + printable holiday houses. They really are a lovely set! View them all here. 

Here is my winter woods inspired house. Feel free to print, cut out, fold, fill with a treat or hang.

Shown below is my in progress house - made quickly with regular paper... The graphic designer in me just HAD to do this...


cricket cringle - 2015

This past weekend I participated in the 2nd Annual Cricket Cringle - a holiday pop-up outdoor market in Ardmore, PA. There were over 30 merchants and the event was held on a Friday night (5-9) and the following day (10-6). I do not sell at many art/craft shows, but i can say this one was so much FUN to be a participant in. (And to help plan.) I do wish I had been able to walk around a bit more. There were many entertainment options, food trucks, restaurant samples (mmm... pumpkin beer), kids crafts, and even Santa popped by. 

At the market, I sold prints, cards, mugs, tote bags and even a few pillows. I will be adding inventory to my online shop and you can also find my things at Pucci Manuli

Aliza of Aliza Schlabach Photography took some AMAZING photos of my booth at the event. You can see more of the event photos at the Cricket Cringle event page

introducing... kindred art collective!

Some fun news today! Five very non-local friends and I are announcing our new artists collective - named Kindred Art Collective. See our pretty website here.

The six of us gals met online within the last 2 years through the Make Art that Sells course offered by the art agent Lilla Rogers. The fabulously talented Jan Avellana (along with the superstar illustrator Lucy Banaji) & I all roomed together in May 2014 when we went to Surtex. (Surtex stands for Surface Textile and is an annual ginormous tradeshow in NYC where artists show art, meet new and potential clients, and sell and/or license their art to manufacturers, retailers, etc..) The idea of a collective was first floated around then, and thanks to Jan, her vision, her reaching out to some like minded artists, and a lot of Facebook interaction, finally it has come to fruition. Some of us are plan to exhibit at the next Surtex in 2016. (But, more on that in the new few months...)

Here are links to the individual websites of my co-collective mates: Sara BrezziMalu LenziKelly AngelovicJan Avellana, & Antoana Oreski. We literally live ALL over the world. (Philly, Italy, Brazil, Colorado, Croatia, Hawaii). I think we might even represent all the time zones. 

Here is our facebook banner doodle which we all participated in drawing on. (Be sure to visit and like our page if you are so inclined...) Can you tell which ones are mine?

We will each be introducing ourselves daily on our blog/website.

For our first collective project, we each did a Halloween piece. Shown below are the first 2 pieces in my collection. And the rest you can find on the Kindred Art Collective Gallery site here

Wouldn't it be FAB to see this artwork incorporated onto a table cloth for a large home decor manufacturer? Well - OK - now you know one of my dreams + goals.

Thank you for reading this, and do have a wonderful Monday. Let's all have a productive week!

pumpkins galore!

Working on something for next week. Sometimes getting off the computer is VERY therapeutic. Especially after an intense week of working on the computer till 2am - multiple nights!