With a BFA from Syracuse University in Communication Design, and a MFA from the University of the Arts, I have 20 years of solid advertising + graphic design industry experience and have worked with clients on projects of all shapes + sizes, from small non-profits to large Fortune 500 companies. Previously I have worked in New York City – at a large ad agency, a boutique design firm, and in-house at Jim Henson Productions, and in Boston – at an award winning kids design firm & at a small advertising firm. In 2001, I moved to Philadelphia and started my freelance art and design company.

I love to work one-on-one with clients to get them exactly what they need. I live just outside Philadelphia and feel fortunate to have many local (+ distant clients), many of which I have gotten via word of mouth. Since moving to Philadelphia, I have worked as a design contractor and freelancer. In the summer of 2017 I started working in-house as a senior designer at The Franklin Institute. I now currently design and manage the graphic design team, which exists under the Marketing department. I still take on freelance projects so please feel free to reach out if you have an upcoming design project you would like to discuss. 

I believe design about communication first and problem solving. Asking questions and starting with pen to paper helps get to the solution. Then I like to give it some style and (project appropriate) creative oomph. Shown below are some of my favorite design projects. If you can’t tell from below… branding, brochures and invitations are my jam – but really i’m pretty open to anything!